Haiku: Onward And Upward

All it takes is a day of warm weather and the stink bugs seem to materialize from the ether. They’ll find their way to windows, lamps, and, strangely, the bathroom…and they just keep appearing.

This particular creature had been lurking around the window as I sat at the table, writing. I could hear its almost metallic-sounding buzzing, a strange, urgent sound. When it finally landed where I could reach it, I noticed that it looked like it had partied a bit too hard and was looking rather rough, sporting a dusting of debris from the windowsill.

Its destiny was to be released in a more suitable location: I caught the slow-moving insect and put it outside.  One of our dogs is fascinated by insects that have the misfortune of getting inside the house, so it’s best that the two not have the opportunity to meet. Fortunately, the stink bug opted not to release its pungent defenses on me, and we both carried on with the business at hand. The brown marmorated stink bug, today’s muse.