Winecraft: Apple-Fruit Cocktail v2.0

Cloudy now, but it will clear with time

Having previously posted on my first attempt at making Apple-Fruit Cocktail wine, I thought it was time for another batch. V1.0 was surprisingly good – I was prepared for something along the lines of a cloyingly-sweet “Pruno”-type beverage, but it was actually a respectable wine. With some leftover apple juice and a couple of cans of tropical fruit cocktail sitting in the pantry, it was time to make the next version!

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No Waste: Recycled Wine Bottles

Hmm…looks like it might be time to build a wine rack!

I’ve been reusing my own private stash of wine bottles (alas, I recycled many before I thought to save them for my own wines!), but I finally got down to the last few and realized I had quite a bit more wine to bottle. Checking Craigslist, I found a few listings for cases of wine bottles for sale, but – even better – also found a local winery offering cases of empty (used) bottles for free!

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