Winecraft (Update): Lemon-Lime Skeeter Pee v2.0

Skeeter Pee v2.0 is finished and a bottle’s chilling in the fridge. It may be hard to believe, but this one may actually be even better than the last!

The first Skeeter Pee iteration was purely lemon juice-based. Pale gold and dry, a splash of lemon balm syrup added subtle herbal notes. Delightful.

V2.0 replaced some lemon juice with lime juice (because I had some sitting in the fridge) and added berry influence from the yeast slurry I used. Like v1.0, it also fermented dry, but the berry slurry rounded off some sharp edges and added a appealing pink tint.

My sweetener of choice is still lemon balm syrup (because I love lemon balm), and it’s just as tasty in this Skeeter Pee. Lemon wine may be enjoyed during any season, but a chilled glass just seems so right for a hot summer evening: bright and pleasantly tart.

Verdict: winner. Easy to make with inexpensive ingredients, clears nicely, ready to drink relatively quickly. I see additional variations on this theme in the future!

3 thoughts on “Winecraft (Update): Lemon-Lime Skeeter Pee v2.0

  1. It’s funny, my Hubby was so skeptical about Skeeter Pee…until the first batch was ready and he tried it. lol
    Now I have to keep a batch going all. the. time.
    Glad to hear it’s good with some lime juice in it.
    Going to have try that with my next batch! 🙂

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