It’s Getting Flashy In The No Hawk Zone

Owl_DecoyWe spent the weekend putting up hawk deterrents to try to discourage the hawk from continuing to attack our chickens. The reflective mylar tape was very flashy with its prismatic print, and we cut “tails” into it to make it even more annoying and distracting. The tape lengths we tied onto the lines rustled and spun in the breeze. We also added DVDs tied onto lines throughout the streambed area, and they spun and flashed, too. Finally, the glowering owl was added on a tall pole. Hopefully, it sends the message “hawks stay away”!


Since it was sunny and warm(ish) today, we filled up the ducks’ pool and they had a fine time bathing in it. The girls have their own pecking order, but Piper and Coraline were happy to share (Pru to had to wait). We’ve learned that, invthe evening, we have to put the water into a container that’s too small for bathing or they’ll be wet when they go into their coop at night. Wet feathers + freezing temperatures = frozen feathers. No good – the ducks need dry feathers to stay warm. As much as we know they’d like an evening bath, we have to restrict it to bill-washing water only…for their own good. The cold temperatures (and possible snow) are supposed to return early this week, so the pool will be out of commission for a while. It’s really is still winter, after all.

Batch 2 chicken hatching update: not much activity earlier today in the incubator, but we spotted 2 pips this evening. Keep pipping and zipping! If all goes well, the incubator should be full of chicks tomorrow morning.