Duck Egg Update – One Week To Hatch

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since the Muscovy eggs went into the incubator. Since they usually take 35 days to hatch, they have one week left.

We started with 7 eggs. Two didn’t develop and we removed another last night that had stopped developing some time ago. The eggs that continued to develop were nearly completely dark – full of duckling. The one we pulled was only about a third dark, way behind the others. The eggtopsy showed that the embryo had likely “quit” a couple of weeks ago.

If all goes well, the four ducklings will hatch in about a week and will eventually join the adults in their free range adventures. Speaking of the adults, they’re enjoying the sunshine and their wading pool today. Actually, all they need is some squishy mud that they can drill their bills into. If only we were all so easily entertained!