Who Needs A Lawnmower?

Moms_GrazingThe grass has really greened up, and it seems only right to take advantage of it as forage. We haven’t built the rabbit tractors for the kits, who are nearly a month old now, but we repurposed a couple of large dog crates as temporary outdoor enclosures for the does.

The girls quickly get to work on the grass, but today they were a section that included some tiny white flowers, and they really liked those. They enjoy dandelion greens and flowers, too. They crop the grass down to a nice length without “scalping” it. Better than a lawnmower!

We’re careful to feed the kits only hay – fresh greens at this age can apparently cause diarrhea, which is dangerous for them. It’s difficult to tell if the does are still nursing the kits (who are eating hay and pellets and drinking water) because they do it so infrequently, but if they are, the kits are indirectly benefiting from the fresh grass. In a few weeks, they’ll have access it the real thing, themselves, and they’ll join their parents in mowing a larger swath of the pasture.

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