That’s Not A Slug…This Is A Slug

SnailThe Pacific Northwest is slug central. Ever seen a banana slug? They must be seen to be believed. We’ve spotted tiny slugs (baby slugs?) on the farm, but no monsters…which is a shame because ducks will eat slugs like they’re going out of style. Yeah – something actually does like to eat slugs!

Maybe larger ones will arrive with summer (probably in time to eat garden plants). Even when we overturn rocks and logs, there are no slugs to be seen. Plenty of earthworms, but no slugs.

We haven’t spotted any snails, either. They’re ubiquitous in rainy, wet areas, and really pretty fascinating to watch. While they have a reputation for their slow pace, some of them actually move surprisingly fast. We’ve also seen some that obviously suffered serious shell damage, and were able to repair it. You could see the “seams” where the cracks were repaired, but what an amazing feat!

What’s a snail but a slug with its house on its back? Those houses are as different and beautiful as any “people” houses…and worthy of appreciation.

Snail  Snail