Shed In A Box Part 2 (And A Haiku)

The heat index has hit the triple digits here. There’s little in the way of a breeze, and the occasional breeze isn’t all that cooling. It’s hot, sticky, and generally unpleasant. Seems like the right kind of day to restart the shed in a box assembly!

This project has moved along in fits and starts: first, too cold – then, too stormy. Today, it was partly cloudy and since we didn’t need to run any errands, we decided to resume putting the shed together. It’s not supposed to be terribly difficult or time-consuming…hmm. Now, we understand why farmers engage in frenetic activity in fall and spring: cooperative weather.

We managed to get the frame erected, situated in the desired location, and secured. At that point, however, we were dripping sweat and unable to get out of the direct sun. As an illustration of the heat, the metal poles that hold up the structure became so hot in the sun, they nearly burned our hands. Seriously. It seemed like the weather was having fun with us, too – while it was partly cloudy, the sun emerged to roast us as soon as we moved from the shady spot where we put the frame together to its permanent spot.

We’re making progress, and someday, this will be done.

Here’s the haiku:

Farmers working hard/Building animal shelters/Alas, bad weather!