Shed In A Box – Done – And A Rainbow, To Boot

Shed_and_RainbowFinally, the shed project has been completed. Whew. While it started out as a partly overcast day, once we got started, of course, the clouds parted and the sun came out. And it was intense. The weather app showed it to be 90 degrees but “feels like” 99. Ugh. It meant sauna-hot, sweaty work and non-stop harassment by biting flies.

The shed box estimates that the project will take around an hour with two people. Um, no – that was easily a 4 hour project. The instructions also leave something to be desired – some people may enjoy following pictorial instructions, but descriptive text (including detailed text when needed) is really necessary to help decipher at least some of the less-than-clear pictures.

While the shed is firmly anchored, we can’t help but wonder how it will perform during one of this area’s frequent storms with high winds. Guess we’ll find out…though we’d greatly prefer it remain in its present location.

Later in the evening, we saw a rainbow – and it looks like the end of it is right here on the farm!