Chicken Chat: Girls With Spurs

Brown Leghorn Hen with Spurs

Most roosters have spurs, but what about hens? Ever seen a hen with spurs? Look no further.

One of our hens has spurs – big ones. Fortunately, it’s sweet, friendly Tatiana (Tati), one of our Brown Leghorn hens. She’s a curious, talkative girl who will let you give her a pat on her back. She’ll even tolerate being picked up and carried around for a bit. You know – she’s the hen with the awesome 80’s bangs! Many girls (and guys) sprayed their hair liberally with fine products like Aqua Net back in those days to get bangs like hers.


There are a number of theories about why some hens develop spurs, but no definitive answer.  I think it’s good for a hen to have spurs, since they could come in handy fending off a predator or even an overly amorous rooster.

Tati molted recently and is now in her full feathered glory…and those spurs are like fancy (but functional) accessories. She doesn’t use them on us, but if the other girls get in her face, well, they had better watch out!