Now Eating: Burger Wraps For Breakfast

We’ve recently gone rogue and started having dinner for breakfast. Burgers, burritos, and chili for breakfast, oh my!

Having “dinner”-type food for breakfast not only means having more time to digest a heavier meal, but it’s also very satisfying: usually, there’s no need for a snack or another meal for at least another four hours. Bet your cereal won’t hold you that long!

There’s also evidence that eating your biggest meal of the day in the morning could be helpful in keeping your weight in check – more in this NYT article: The Case for a Breakfast Feast.

Today’s meal is a hearty wrap: 1/6 pound grass-fed burger with Amish blue cheese, lots of lettuce, sweet onion, and tomato. To top it off, one of our free range duck eggs is the crowning glory; the duck egg adds a subtle creaminess that’s like a dollop of gravy. [And lest you should think we eat a lot of meat, we also eat vegetarian meals regularly.]

Leftovers make great breakfast meals: cold lasagna, beans and rice…but eat clean and fuel your body right. And have some fun with a healthy dinner for breakfast!

Do you have suggestions for great breakfast-dinner meals? Share them in the comments!