Growing Things: First Black Currants

Cat gardener

I was gifted a black currant plant last year. It managed to survive the winter, bloomed, and today – to my profound amazement and delight – I spotted two berries!

This unassuming plant bloomed at the beginning of May, and the bright yellow blossoms had the most incredible fragrance: spicy, vanilla-y, and sweet. It was the fragrance, hanging in the humid, still air, that drew my attention; otherwise, I might not have noticed the blooms among the greenery. These are flowers that must be smelled, savored..a perfume that you can’t get enough of and that you won’t forget soon.

As is the case with most flowers, they didn’t last long. It’s now a couple of months later, and while the plant has grown, it didn’t seem like much else was going on with it. When I watered it, I noticed that it was spreading out low, so I propped it up with a forked stick – and saw the berries! One is tiny and black; the other is much larger and green-striped (it looks like a gooseberry at this stage).

There you are!

I can’t exactly use two berries for a water kefir second ferment, but I’ll keep my eye on the plant – maybe more berries will burst forth. Even if there are only these two this season, I’m still happy for them: one currant for me and one to share. 🙂