Wildcrafted Wine Update: Two Daylily Batches

The warm glow of Daylily Wine

The daylilies are looking like they’re nearly finished for the season, but I have several bottles of gorgeous wine (Daylily Wine #1 and Daylily Wine #2) to remind me of their early summer beauty. Curious about this wine? Read on!

While batch #2 cleared more quickly than #1 did, they’re both clear now and very similar in color: a warm, orange-red hue. Off to a good start!

Tasting revealed only slight differences in the two: #1 had more subtle vegetal flavors while #2 was almost citrus-y. Overall, they’re more on the savory/herbal side, dry, and medium-bodied; backsweetening brings out more fruit flavor – but it’s exotic tropical fruit…like, perhaps, hints of durian. Very interesting and tasty!

These will age down in the “wine cave”, and I’ll sample them again in a few months. Would I make this again? Definitely – beautiful flowers make beautiful wine!