Around The Farm: A Real Easter Bunny

A nest worthy of notice…belonging, perhaps, to a finch..?

Early this morning, I was behind the house, looking at a newly-established bird’s nest, when I heard leaves rustling. I figured it was a robin, searching for bugs under the dead leaves…until a rabbit appeared and casually hopped away from me. That was not what I was expecting to see.

The well-camouflaged, agouti-colored bunny was in no hurry. It was a bit odd to see one right up at the house, but it’s probably a smart tactic: predators usually stay some distance from the house, and with the recent evidence we’ve seen of predation on the wild rabbits, any advantage should be exploited.

The rabbit hopped around the front of the house, appearing in front of the breakfast nook as I sat there. Though I was peering out from behind the blinds, I think it could see me.

May fortune smile down upon you, bunny, and may you avoid becoming another wild creature’s dinner on this day.