Around The Farm: The Ebullience of Birdsong

Living in the “country”, I’m surrounded by sounds, most of them natural and enjoyable (cattle trucks and vehicles missing mufflers are notable exceptions). In fact, sometimes I need to take a moment to soak in those wonderful sounds and let the gratitude that there are still song birds to be heard suffuse me.

I’m not going to write a long post because I think that – for this topic – it’s unnecessary. These are a few moments from the farm – unedited and raw. How many birds do you hear? Can you identify what species they are?

I hope that hearing this natural music is an uplifting reminder of how important it is that we save the wild birds from the path of extirpation that they’re on, thanks to human activity and its consequences. Why not find a treed area where you can hear these performances for yourself? There’s nothing quite like it.

Learn about ways each of us can help wild birds so that we don’t have to live in a world without birdsong.