Ferment This: Đồ Chua (Daikon & Carrot Pickles)

One of my favorite parts of the delicious Vietnamese sandwiches called bánh mì is the pickled veggies: they’re lightly salty, tangy, and sweet, a wonderful combination that complements the other sandwich ingredients perfectly. Also great in other dishes, like bún (vermicelli noodle bowls), this is a versatile condiment to keep on hand.

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Spiralize This: Easy Tofu-Veggie Noodle Bowl (Like Bún)

I adore the Vietnamese vermicelli noodle bowls called Bún, and I have eaten my fair share of them at Vietnamese restaurants. With the other half of a fresh daikon radish just waiting in the fridge to be transformed, it made perfect sense to use my new spiralizer to make a “noodle” bowl inspired by this incredible dish.

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