Spiralize This: Easy Tofu-Veggie Noodle Bowl (Like Bún)

I adore the Vietnamese vermicelli noodle bowls called Bún, and I have eaten my fair share of them at Vietnamese restaurants. With the other half of a fresh daikon radish just waiting in the fridge to be transformed, it made perfect sense to use my new spiralizer to make a “noodle” bowl inspired by this incredible dish.

This was super quick to put together because I already had fried tofu and sautéed green cabbage that were extras from making a previous lunch bowl. I just took the daikon radish half from the fridge, peeled it, and put it on the spiralizer’s veggie holder. In no time (seriously, like seconds later), I had a big, sinuous pile of daikon “noodles”.

After putting a tangle of noodles into each bowl, I added some of the cabbage, the tofu, and sprinkled diced green onions on top. I then poured an easy-to-make nước chấm (Vietnamese dipping sauce) over everything, as well as Sriracha and hoisin sauces to create that distinctive flavor.

The ingredients are stirred together when the dish is eaten so that each bite contains a bit of everything – and the flavors meld into something amazingly complex and stunningly delicious. I could eat this every day and never tire of the fresh flavors. Add veggie or shrimp egg rolls – substitute grilled meats like pastured chicken or pork, or grass-fed (and finished) beef or meat analogs like seitan…the possibilities are nearly endless. Adding chopped Thai basil, crunchy fried onions, and chopped peanuts would also be delightful complements.

This may look like light fare, but it’s surprisingly satisfying!

One modification I’ll make with the next version is to add spiralized cucumber and carrot, which are key flavors in Bún. I can’t wait for the next bowl!

Eat your veggies and have fun doing it – what’s not to like about a veggie spiralizer? Share your favorite spiralizer recipes in the comments!

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