Spiralize This: Shrimp & Tofu Veggie “Bún”

Still digging my new spiralizer here. It’s been a while since something so affordable cast its spell on me like this, but I actually look forward to using this simple manual appliance. I’m also making a concerted effort to try different vegetables; this time, carrot and cucumber have been added to the lineup!

I can spiralize like nobody’s business now. It just takes a little practice, learning how the machine works most efficiently. Different veggies definitely produce different results!

Daikon produces such crisp, beautiful lengths of noodle that I could use it in every dish. It also has a mild flavor that works with pretty much everything. I shall endeavor to keep my crisper filled with daikon!

Cucumber produced a wet, slightly soggy noodle. Next time, I’ll try crisper cucumbers of a different variety; the type I used had large seeds and a lot of moisture. I’ll also try a different blade, like the 5mm or the flat slicer, to see if the results are better.

Carrot was a bit challenging to spiralize because it was slender – thicker veggies are generally easier to spiralize. I got cute little mini-curls at first, then nice long noodles after I adjusted my technique. It proved to be a tasty addition, with nice structural integrity.

To assemble the bowl, the veggie noodles went in first. I also threw in some pre-cooked large shrimp, quickly seared in a skillet. The Nước chấm was poured over everything, and Sriracha and hoisin were generously applied on top. Looking good!

Then, I realized I’d forgotten to add the fried tofu. I quickly remedied that, and mixed it all together (the mixing is important).

What a flavor explosion. Another veggie noodle bowl that I could eat daily as is…or mix it up by using different veggie noodles, proteins, or sauces. Prep the noodles in advance (they’ll keep in the fridge) and simply toss everything together when you’re ready to eat!

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