More About The Muscovies

TiberiusOur Muscovy drake, Tiberius, is a handsome fellow. He has a crest on his head that he raises, and it looks like a pompadour (we joke that we should have called him “Elvis”). His caruncles are vibrant. He’s roughly twice the size of the ducks, and while he looks slow, he can really move when he’s motivated. His hissing and head-bobbing are charming.

Ty, as we call him, seems to be especially fond of Phoebe, a duck with a whitish head and caruncling around her eyes. They spend quite a bit of time together. We had hoped that he would also romance Coraline, the first to lay, so we could have fertile eggs for hatching, but he only seems to have eyes for Phoebe.

Duck_EggsTo our surprise, there were two eggs in the duck coop this morning. One was smaller – like a (chicken) pullet egg. Coraline’s eggs are a cream color; the second (mystery) duck is laying almost an olive-tinted egg. It’s exciting that two of the girls are laying now, and the others might also start at any time. There may be ducklings in the future…