A Breath Of Fresh Air

It’s oddly warm today – sunny and 64 right now. Quite a change from this morning, when the ground was still frozen. The rabbits’ water crocks were rimmed with ice in the morning, but now it’s warm enough for the ducks to bathe in their tub without risk of frozen feathers.

The day is reminiscent of late fall. The sun is shining (actually, it feels blindingly bright) and there are bugs out. Bugs! A fly actually buzzed by. Like sunflowers, we turn our faces to the sun and drink it in. The soft caress of sunshine is like a reassuring hug – an old and cherished friend who reappears, if only briefly.

Windows were opened and the fresh air poured in – a promise that spring was coming. It was a bit of a tease, after the recent cold and snow. This kind of a day is a reminder to enjoy the fleeting moments; tomorrow’s weather probably won’t be so pleasant, but we can hold onto the memory of today. In the dark days of winter to come, we’ll remember the gloriousness of this sunny day, and when spring arrives, we’ll unfurl ourselves, like tender seedlings, and eagerly reach toward the sun.