Duck Egg Incubation Update

It’s day 14 for the Muscovy eggs, so we candled them this morning to check development. Of the remaining 6, one was clear (the one repaired with nail polish), but the remaining 5 had wiggly duck embryos in them. They have about 3 more weeks to go, but we’re optimistic about a good hatch, despite the odds.

Ducklings are arguably some of the cutest baby animals…they’re soft and fluffy, and just generally adorable. They are very messy, though (and are prodigious poopers), and pretty much everything they come into contact with will get wet because they love water. Muscovies, unlike Mallard-derived breeds, supposedly don’t need a pond, but the sheer delight our ducks display when splashing around in their wading pool (or even the rubber tub) suggests they’re happiest when they can swim and splash.

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