Coraline’s Ducklings Are Here!


The Muscovy eggs that Coraline has been sitting on have finally begun hatching. The poor girl’s been caring for them for five weeks! Protective mom won’t let us get a good look yet, but we (briefly) saw at least three very cute ducklings under her this morning before she covered them with her body again. She didn’t appreciate the phone near her, either, and she took a peck at it to warn us to keep our distance.

Coraline was sitting on three eggs originally, and when we realized she was really committed to hatching them, we put five more we had collected from all the ducks earlier in her nest. We’re hoping that they’re still in the process of hatching, since Day 35 is tomorrow.

When all the viable ones have hatched, we expect that she’ll come out for a drink and then we’ll get a chance to do a more accurate count. C’mon, eggs – hatch, hatch, hatch!!