The Pullets Start To Lay

Pullet_EggsWe’ve been wondering if the strange egg activity lately signaled the beginning of the oldest group of pullets to lay, and today’s finding – another miniature egg – confirmed it.

This one is perfectly formed, just a smaller version of a “normal” egg. Pullets will lay small eggs when they start, but this one is small even for a pullet egg. 

Later in the day, we found another pullet egg, just slightly smaller than a regular hen’s egg. The girls are definitely laying!

Pullets Egg YolkUpon opening the fart egg, we found a strange yolk and some runny liquid. Didn’t eat that one. The other small egg was just like a mini egg – normal yolk and white (and even appeared fertile). We did eat that one.

The pullet eggs are welcome, especially since the adult hens seem to have stopped laying…