Weird Eggs

Tiny_Egg_052016We’ve noticed some egg strangeness lately. The other day, what looked like a yolk had been dropped on the poop board. This morning, we found two shell-less eggs (which look like rubbery water balloons) on the poop board. And a “fart” egg – a tiny egg that usually is composed of just egg white – odd but interesting.

We currently have six, one year old adult laying hens; one is broody, so we usually get around four eggs a day. Our batch #1 pullets are about four months old, and our adults started laying at around five months of age, so it seems early for any pullets to be laying. Regardless, this is how it started with the first pullets – weird eggs, some soft-shelled, some with no shells, and a fart egg.

It’s exciting to think that the eggs we hatched in January have become pullets who may already have started laying or will begin to lay soon. We lost more than half of our original flock to predation last year and have been building it back up from our own stock this year. The hybrid chicks have been fast-growing, resourceful, and smart – very desirable attributes.

If the pullets really are beginning to lay already, they’ve matured faster than their parents…but only time will tell. We’ll know for certain on the day when we find six (or more) eggs in the coop!

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