A Surprise In A Pullet Egg

Double Yolk Pullet EggWe opened one of the pullet eggs this morning and discovered that it was actually a double-yolker! It’s not uncommon for pullets to lay a few double-yolked eggs initially, but this was a perfect miniature.

Once the pullet’s system works out the kinks, she should just lay regular-sized eggs with single yolks. Single-yolked eggs are desirable for hatching (multiple yolked eggs are difficult, at best, to hatch), and a “normal” egg is easier on the hen, too; sometimes double-yolked eggs are huge. Enough said.

Egg ComparisonPhoto 1 shows three regular chicken eggs, two duck eggs, and the twin yolks of the pullet egg in the center of the bowl. Photo 2 is a comparison of pullet egg to (standard) hen egg.