Bring On The Fried Green Tomatoes!

Fried Green TomatoesIt’s that time of year: tomatoes, in all their succulent glory, are here. While we enjoy eating those plump, juicy, vine ripened orbs, we also look for firm, green tomatoes. Why? To make our “fraked” green tomatoes, of course.

You probably figured out that “fraked” is a combination of “fried” and “baked”. We’ve found that you get the perfect result when you start by browning the green tomatoes – we like using lard and a cast-iron frying pan – and then bake them. The browning creates a crispy outer crust and the baking makes the insides tender. Adding a dollop of milk kefir (similar to buttermilk) to the egg wash makes it extra creamy and helps the panko breading adhere.

As long as we can find green tomatoes – the farmer’s market has been a good source – we’ll be making (and eating) them “fraked”. Add some sriracha ranch sauce on top for a nice zing, too. Green tomatoes are also great in stews, where they lend a mild flavor reminiscent of bell peppers and cook to a soft potato-like texture – they go especially well with slow cooked rabbit. Try some in your next soup or stew – you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just be sure to eat them before they turn red – it’ll happen sooner than you think!