A Mousy Visitor

Tiny_MouseWhen you live in the “country”, rodents are a part of life. If they have the misfortune of making their way indoors, they hit a dead end…literally. Our “trio of terror” (three young black cats, brothers) make short work of intruders. House centipedes don’t stand a chance.

After running an errand, we were surprised when we returned to see a tiny mouse sitting by the door this morning. A very small, very still mouse; it looked like it was meditating. Mice are not usually out in the open, and the neighbor’s (outdoor) cat is adept at killing small animals. Was something wrong with this creature?

Only one way to find out. We donned gloves and set about trying to catch the mouse. Suddenly, it came to life! It jumped around, making it difficult to catch. Finally caught, it was relocated. The ducks and chickens would make a snack of the mouse, so it would do well to stay hidden…and away from where the animals lurk. Hopefully, it warns its friends to stay away.