Phoebe’s Ducklings Scoff At Containment

Those tiny Muscovy ducklings are always getting into mischief. They’re small enough to go right through the fence into the neighboring run, and Mom (Phoebe) can’t follow.

They’ve figured out how to exploit the weaknesses of the fence. They hop right over the plastic netting on the bottom to play in the mud. While Phoebe doesn’t look all that upset, we saw juvenile red-tailed hawks circling yesterday, so those babies need to stay in their fully-netted run.

We reinforced the netting at the bottom of the fence to keep those wily babies in (zip ties come in handy for many projects). Seems like they always find some vulnerability to exploit, forcing us to quickly repair it. They probably laugh about it, too.

In a couple of weeks, they’ll be too big to squeeze through the fence, but until then, we’ll have to keep an eye on these guys. If there’s way, they’ll get out…