Homemade Desserts: Duck Egg Cheesecake

Duck Egg CheesecakeDo you like cheesecake? If so, you must try it with duck eggs – we did, and there’s no going back!While the seemingly endless supply of spring and summer eggs seems to be over, we recently began finding a few duck eggs in the coop again! While they’re wonderful fried and scrambled, duck eggs are unparalleled for their ability to enhance baked goods: think denser and richer…words made for cheesecake.An acquaintance had mentioned to us that she had made a duck egg cheesecake and that it had been very well-received by friends and family – that conversation definitely piqued my interest and prompted me to look for a duck egg-specific recipe. From experience, duck eggs can’t be substituted on a straight 1 for 1 basis with chicken eggs because they’re larger and they contain more protein and fat, which will obviously affect the end product. The biggest difference I’ve noticed in subbing duck eggs for chicken eggs in baking recipes is that the item needs to bake longer to be properly done.After some research, I found a recipe that met my criteria: used exclusively whole duck eggs and minimal ingredients I didn’t have on hand already, and didn’t require too many steps.

This awesome recipe was posted by janastasio, a member of the BackYard Chickens community. I did modify it by baking a graham cracker crust first and reducing the sugar by half – and it was plenty sweet. An almond meal crust would also work well as a low-carb alternative. It was an easy recipe to make, and the only additional ingredients I had to buy were the graham crackers for the crust and the cream cheese (I used Organic Valley). The final verdict? Delicious! While it wasn’t a tall, fluffy kind of cheesecake, it was a very dense, rich, toothsome dessert, definitely showcasing the special attributes of the duck eggs. Add a dollop of fresh whipped cream – the real thing, without carrageenan in it – or your favorite healthy non-dairy topping and it must be tasted to be believed. A duck egg cheesecake is a beautiful thing. And it’s just a bonus that, in the top photo, it looks like a well-known 80’s video game!

Thank you, ladies!
Graham cracker crust
Ready for baking

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