Duck Tales: Finding Fairy Eggs

The ducks, after taking a break as they’re wont to do, are laying again…and it seems that a fairy left an egg in their coop, along with the two normal-sized ones!

Every so often, laying fowl will lay a “fairy” or “fart” egg – it’s just the result of some kind of glitch in the laying process, and typically produces a very small egg that’s all [egg] white and no yolk, but with a complete and hard shell. These eggs are edible, but we will usually just feed them back to the chickens, ducks, and guineas (the geese are primarily herbivorous and not really interested in eggs), and they appreciate the extra protein.

Hopefully, the duck will has worked this kink out of the process and we’ll see a regular egg from her soon. Duck eggs are big, dense, and unparalleled for baking – they make baked goods richer and fluffier…try them sometime!

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