Now Eating: Sourdough Pancakes…For Dinner

Recently, we posted about eating what would typically be considered “dinner” meals for breakfast, instead; having breakfast for dinner isn’t new, but it sure can be fun…and tasty!

Audrey, our sourdough starter, has been very happy with the warm temperatures. Heat makes fermentation go more quickly, so we have to find creative ways to use all that extra sourdough starter. A terrible problem to have, right?

Last night, we had sourdough pancakes, and they were phenomenal! Lofty, delicious, and easy to make – these are definitely going to be on the menu more often.

Here’s the recipe, along with other ideas for using extra sourdough starter: My Top 3 Leftover Sourdough Recipes. We found it made about 10 five-inch pancakes.

Cold, these are a tasty snack, too – and they stay puffy. Slather one with your choice of nut butter and jam and have a quick breakfast on the go! And unlike a typical pancake, these seem to have some staying power.

Have a favorite way to use extra sourdough starter? Tell us about it in the comments!