Rave: When Companies Make It Right

Back when it was newly installed – sleek and modern!

When we first moved into our house, it had a dated and not very functional faucet fixture on the kitchen sink. I resolved to replace that eyesore ASAP, but didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars doing so. Ever the bargain hunter, I found this nice-looking, brushed nickel fixture for about $60. It was easy to install and worked like a champ for 2.5 years…then it didn’t.

You may already know that I post rants to this blog from time to time about companies with products and/or services that leave something to be desired; on the flip side, I also believe in giving credit where it’s due. Today, I’m pleased to be able to share a case where a company did exactly what they said they would, and promptly.

One day, the faucet began dripping after it was shut off. It would drip for a few minutes and then stop. Weird, but bearable. Then, the water flow decreased. One day, the button that switched the flow from “stream” to “spray” stopped working. Trying to pinpoint the source of the issue only resulted in water leaking from around the rubber button when it was on and greatly increased dripping after shutoff. Things were not looking good.

We started looking for replacement heads, which could be purchased reasonably inexpensively. We were just about to buy one, but decided to check out the reviews on Amazon to see if other customers had experienced a similar issue. It was clear that others had, and one reviewer helpfully recounted how s/he had contacted the company for a replacement under warranty (“free no hassle lifetime replacement warranty“).

We contacted the company through Amazon, explained the problem, and were advised that the company would send us a replacement – a redesigned faucet head. Things were looking up.

The company rep had further advised us that it would take a few days to reach us. Two days later, it arrived. We installed it and it works even better than the original. How often, these days, do you find yourself pleased by a company’s response?

The only obvious aesthetic change is that the stream/spray button is now black

Puzzlingly, some of the reviewers on Amazon complained about faucet heads that malfunctioned…but apparently didn’t follow up with the company. Why not give the company a chance to resolve the problem?


Kudos to Comllen for standing by its warranty, providing a prompt response, and shipping our replacement faucet head timely. It looks and works great!

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