Around The Farm: Another Hidden Nest

The black raspberries growing wild along the fence are ripening…and they’re delicious! As I was picking berries, I startled a Northern Mockingbird out of a tangle of brush at the top of the fence and realized that she was sitting on a nest.

Her nest was much better-concealed than the sparrow’s nest (whose babies fledged and left the nest recently). It appears to be constructed of twigs on the bottom, with grass woven on top.

Who knew there was a nest in there?

The eggs are such a beautiful color, too: almost teal, with brown speckles. We’re giving her a wide berth, but she’s already been back on the nest. With plenty of insects and a big fruiting mulberry tree nearby, she and the future hatchlings should be sitting pretty in their camouflaged digs!

Black raspberries