Eat This: Mighty Meatless Tacos

No meat needed!

Who says delicious, zesty tacos with all the fixings have to be made with meat? These super easy soft tacos are meaty and satisfying, and plant-based!

I like simple, straightforward recipes. My meatless tacos are adapted from this recipe, with changes to the TVP preparation and the addition of cremini mushroom umami bombs (ok, creminis chopped finely in a food processor).

I began making the taco filling by soaking 1 cup of TVP in 3/4 cup boiling water for about 10 mins, then I added the seasonings: Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, taco seasoning, a generous dash of chipotle or cayenne powder, and olive oil. While it soaked, I pulsed about 8 cremini mushrooms in my mini food processor (it’s an attachment to a now-vintage Oster blender) until they looked a bit like ground beef, then mixed the TVP and mushrooms together in a bowl.

Looks “meaty”, doesn’t it?

I then added a bit of oil to my skillet and put the mixture in, browning it on medium heat. While the taco filling cooked, the corn tortillas warmed in the toaster oven. When the filling was heated through, it was ready to be spooned atop cheese and adorned with fresh tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, and a dollop of kefir cream.

These plant-based tacos are so tasty and satisfying, it’s tempting to eat them for dinner every night! In a crunchy tortilla bowl, with salsa and sliced olives, these would also make a great taco salad, too. Make a big batch and refrigerate leftovers for quick meals later!