Dairy Alternatives: TJ’s Coconut Creamer And Vegan Cream Cheese

I enjoy (ethically-produced) full-fat dairy products, especially milk, butter, and cheese. But I also like to try dairy alternatives and have been pleasantly surprised by how tasty some of them are. Can coconut creamer replace grass-fed whole milk in my tea? Will vegan “cream cheese” pair as delightfully with lentil sprouts on toast?

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Eating Well: The End Of Farmer’s Market Season

A recent farmer’s market haul: squash aplenty!

As we’ve shared previously, we’re big fans of eating locally. We like getting to know the farmers that provide the food we buy (because we can’t produce everything ourselves), and also like knowing that these dollars will stay in the local community. Local farmer’s markets have been good sources for vegetables like tomatoes and squash, but now that we’re in October, those markets are ending for the season. So what will we do in the “off” season?

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