Some Like It Hot: TJ’s Habanero Ghost Pepper Salsa

It’s not just hot…it’s actually labeled “extra hot”. Unlike many products represented as spicy, this one really is muy caliente!

Do you like spicy food? The kind that leaves your lips tingling and a smile on your face? Me, too. But there’s a fine line between pleasantly hot and nuclear hot – the kind that burns off your tastebuds. I’ve had that kind of spicy food, too…and it doesn’t end well.

Trader Joe’s Extra Hot Habanero Ghost Pepper salsa is exactly what it says it is: very spicy salsa. Full of chunky tomato, it also contains several types of peppers, including: habanero, bell, poblano, serrano, (dried) japones, and smoked ghost pepper (powder). The spices and vegetables meld into a delightfully complex condiment that will add zip to chips and really perk up burritos.

As an added bonus, spicy food may offer health benefits, such as pain relief and calorie burning. I also like spicy food because it’s self-limiting: I can only eat so much if it’s really hot!

Often, I find myself trying salsas labeled “hot” only to discover that they’re more like a wimpy medium. A pleasant surprise, TJ’s Habanero Ghost Pepper salsa doesn’t disappoint…and a little goes a long way! This salsa brings the heat.

Learn more about the hot pepper (Scoville) heat scale, including where the type of peppers in this salsa rank, here.

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