Dinner For Breakfast: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Oh, yes…pizza for breakfast again! This time, BBQ chicken, made with our very own pastured rooster. And did we mention those delectable made-in-Italy pizza crusts from Trader Joe’s?

If you like homemade pizza, you really should check out Monteli¬†organic wood-fired pizza crusts at Trader Joe’s. And in addition to making unbelievably delicious pizza crusts, the company uses 100% green energy! Simple, organic ingredients, no GMOs…our kind of crust. I could brush these beauties with olive oil and happily eat them “naked”, they’re that good. Ok, I’ve admittedly waxed rhapsodic about them – and I’m going to buy 15 more when I make my next trip to TJ’s!

So, atop that lovely crust, we added some TJ’s BBQ sauce – smoky and a little sweet – and followed with a layer of cheese. Then, onions, pulled (precooked) chicken, tomatoes, and a final layer of cheese completed the pizza. It was looking good enough to eat even before it baked!

Baked, it was the best BBQ chicken pizza we’ve ever had – and not just because we made it. And not because it had our own farm-to-table chicken on it. The flavors just melded so well – with just the right amount of crisp and juicy veggies – that it was a true gastronomic delight. Will definitely be making this one again!

What’s better than a freshly-made pizza that’s quick and easy? Right…not much!

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