Mystery Berry Water Kefir

Mulberry TreeWe’ve been watching our chickens jump up and pull berries off a tree near the coop. The berries look like blackberries, but, again, are growing from a tree. Some berries even grow right off branches. What could this mystery berry be?

Mulberry, of course.
We figured the berries were edible since the chickens were still alive and kicking, and clamoring to get more. After we identified the berry and confirmed that it was edible, we tasted one: it had hints of blackberry and even cherry. Yum!

Mulberry Water KefirRather than let the chickens and ducks eat them all, we collected some to flavor water kefir. Not a job for light-colored clothing – mulberry juice stains in a serious way. Nothing ¬†some super washing soda can’t remedy, though. The chickens and ducks congregated around the tree during picking and ate all the ones that dropped, even squabbling over these treats.

This tree grew, untended, up against the old barn. We thought it was just a weed and planned to chop it down…fortunately, we didn’t get around to it. It’s providing us and the fowl naturally sweet snacks – it can stay a while.