Our First Farmer’s Market (As A Vendor)

2018-02-14_FirstMarketWe’ve been shopping at farmer’s markets for years, in many cities and states. One of the parts we particularly enjoy is the opportunity to meet the farmers. We’ve found great diversity among the individuals who farm: some grew up farming, others are career changers, and still others begin after retirement. One common thread, however, is pride in their products.

We used to imagine, while shopping the market, that someday we’d have something to offer. Yesterday was that day – we sold chicken and duck eggs. We would have liked to have had meat to offer, too, but sales of farm-processed chicken/duck/rabbit isn’t permitted at farmer’s markets here. To our surprise, patrons sought us out based on the market’s email that went out yesterday introducing us and our products, and our duck eggs sold out right away. (Note to self: bring more duck eggs next market! The two now-broody ducks, Piper and Pru, aren’t laying and insist on sitting together on an empty nest – they’d better get back to work soon!)

It was great fun and very energizing to meet new people, tell them about our farm and our practices, and to know that those who bought our eggs were going to enjoy high quality, nutritious food from happy hens who are allowed to freely roam our property. We met amazingly kind and supportive people, including our neighboring vendor who is also an egg seller. She was warm, welcoming, and full of helpful information for us newbies. What really floored us, though, was that she actively promoted us, telling her customers that we were new to the market and that we also sold eggs, including duck eggs. There was no cutthroat competition there – there were enough customers (and demand) for everyone.

Now we know what it’s like to be on “the other side of the table”, providing something that we used to buy from other farmers. Would we do it again? Definitely.