One Of These Does Not Belong

Giant egg

The girls are in great egglaying form, now that the weather has been nicer. Their eggs vary in size, shape, and color, so finding a bullet-shaped,  spherical, or speckled egg now just elicits a chuckle. Pullet eggs (from new layers) are tiny, and we jokingly call them “jellybeans”.

Sometimes, however, we find eggs that can only be described as disturbing….like the one we collected today. Yes, the shape is a bit unusual (torpedo-like), but the really scary part is the sheer size. It’s enormous.

One of these things does not belongFor comparison, a duck egg sits next to it, and a regular chicken egg is on  the other side. The duck egg is jumbo, but it looks small compared to the giant chicken egg. Poor hen! Passing an egg that large must be, at the least, a very uncomfortable experience. Usually, a hen that lays a super-sized egg like that will resume normal laying afterward…but will she ever really be the same?

Interested in what’s inside? Among the possibilities, it could be a double (or even triple)-yolker, an egg within an egg, or just an extra-large yolk and white. We’ll post an update when we crack it open.

February 28, 2017:

We cracked the egg open this morning and it was a double yolker!

170228_Cracked Egg