Egg Spotlight: Pretty, Petite, Pullet Eggs

Pullet Eggs

You may already know that the first eggs a new layer (a pullet) lays are smaller than normal. There’s nothing wrong with these eggs; they’re usually perfectly formed miniatures with a yolk and a white – unlike a “fairy” or “fart” egg,  which is an egg anomaly and is usually missing a yolk. Want to see a fart egg? There’s one here: Weird Eggs

Our French Black Copper Marans (FBCM) and American Bresse groups have begun laying eggs, and looking for them in the nest boxes is like a treasure hunt: how many will there be? Will they be the same size or will they be larger? We’re looking forward to hatching some of these eggs and also offering them to other fans of the breeds to hatch, so we’re eager for them to reach full size.

One day – and there’s no magic formula for calculating when it will happen – these cute little eggs will become full-sized eggs. Until then, they make delightful mini fried eggs…and they taste great!