Winecraft (Update): Pineapple Peel

It may be difficult to believe, but the pineapple peel wine is ready…and nearly a month has gone by. And one of the most fun aspects of winemaking is sampling your creation!

The wine has cleared to a bright golden hue and it smells pineapple-y, with a unique peel twist (Tepache drinkers will know what I mean). It tastes great: crisp, with a suggestion of dark fruit and a bit of savory flavor. It’s even been described as reminiscent of a pineapple and ham pizza, though not salty. It did ferment dry, so a touch of backsweetening really helps the flavors come forward.

Chilled, it’s a wonderfully unique wine to enjoy after dinner – perhaps on the porch, watching the sunlight filter through the leaves of the now-lush tree foliage. Using pineapple rinds and cores – parts not typically eaten – this is a very easy and economical wine to make, and it fits right into the “no waste” philosophy.

Making enjoyable products from food “waste” and/or edible “weeds” can be a lot of fun and, sometimes, really pleasantly surprising. Cheers!

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