Meatless Eats: A Vegan Roast Worth Celebrating

A stuffed roast? It is – a Celebration Roast!

You may have seen an earlier post in which we discussed that we’re not vegetarians (No, We’re Not Vegetarians…), but still often choose to eat vegetarian or vegan meals – and how people seem to have difficulty wrapping their heads around the idea that we don’t eat just any meat: we’ve elected to only eat meat sourced from farms that value humane animal husbandry and processing of their animals’ meat. We often encounter people – in work settings, for example – who either look completely confounded or even annoyed by our explanation for why we won’t eat an item from a fast food place.

We know that some may view us as sanctimonious idealists who, by demonstrating through our words and actions that we don’t support the factory farming of animals and the CAFO model, are implicitly judging others’ moral codes. We make no apology for our conscious (and often, ridiculously challenging) choice not to support cruel and unnecessary practices in the pursuit of profit; cheap meat means that animals suffer. Meat is not cheap to produce, and people shouldn’t have an expectation – except that it’s been artificially created by business interests – that it be cheap. [off soapbox]

Eating meatless meals isn’t difficult. Indian food, for example, is often vegetarian and is so delicious and filling that we don’t even realize it’s meatless. There are also several very tasty meat analogues on the market that will make you believe that you’re eating meat when you’re not, as well as some respectable analogues that don’t taste like meat but still make a great meal.

One of our favorites is Celebration Roast by Field Roast. Basically, it’s a vegan wheat “meat” roast that’s stuffed with a savory squash and mushroom stuffing: Celebration Roast. If you like seitan, you’ll enjoy Celebration Roast. It’s great served like a (meat) roast with a side of veggies or a baked potato, for example, and it’s fantastic thinly sliced and showcased in a sandwich. Celebration Roast has 23 grams of protein per serving, too, so you won’t burn through the carbs and find yourself hungry again in an hour. You can find Celebration Roast at Whole Foods and Kroger, among other grocery stores.

Oh, yeah…Celebration Roast sandwich on a sourdough pancake!

Who else enjoys Celebration Roast? Our friends at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, a sanctuary for rescued biomedical research chimpanzees. Negra is the eldest chimpanzee and has really captured our hearts – we’ve had the privilege of meeting the Cle Elum 7 in person, as well as CNSW’s inspiring and passionate leadership and staff – and you can see her enjoying some Celebration Roast here: Negra with Field Roast. Learn more about the sanctuary here: Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

The next time you’re looking to try something different for a meal, check out Field Roast – its expansive vegan offerings include sausages, deli slices, various roasts, corn dogs, even katsu cutlets!

Have you tried Field Roast’s products? Tell us what you thought about them in the comments!

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