Farm Ferments: Revitalizing Rejuvelac

Yes, I have a “thing” for alliteration…it’s just part of being a logophile. I also wear a t-shirt that illustrates the importance of a properly-placed comma; am an Oxford comma adherent; and I ferment things. Multi-dimensional, I am. Enough about me, though – did you know that you can make a tasty, rejuvenating probiotic beverage from wheat berries?

If you like fermented beverages but haven’t tried rejuvelac, you should. It doesn’t taste like anything you’ve tried before: it’s a little nutty, with grassy notes and a hint of lemon. It’s ever so slightly sweet, and you could mix the finished beverage with juice if you prefer a sweeter drink. I think it’s a perfect flavor unto itself – it’s unique and it practically oozes healthfulness in its sprouty goodness. Intrigued?

I used this as my guide: CFH Rejuvelac Recipe. It all starts with sprouting wheat berries. Once their little tails burst forth, you soak them in dechlorinated water for a couple of days and by the end of that period, it’s a slightly fizzy, cloudy, live beverage. Easy! Find more about the health benefits of sprouting grain here: Why Sprout?.

Why would you want to drink rejuvelac? It’s touted as a digestive tonic, and we all know that probiotics strengthen the immune system through supporting healthy gut flora, right? And that a large part (I’ve seen it described as 70-80%) of your immunity resides in your gut?

For folks on dairy- and sugar-free diets, rejuvelac offers probiotics without the use of a starter like whey or the possibility of residual sugar. It’s just wheat sprouts and water. It can also be made gluten-free by substituting quinoa, millet, or another GF grain. You can even eat the spent sprouts; some people make bread, crackers, or porridge with it. Others let it grow into wheatgrass (yes, the same kind in green juice).  I like to feed the spent sprouts to the fowl…and they love it!

What else can you do with rejuvelac? You can make vegan cheese with it: CFH Rejuvelac Cashew Vegan Cheese Recipe.

Still not sure about? Embrace the unusual and try it!