Haiku: Basking In Morning Light

The surprise squash sprout is still growing, becoming straighter and greener. I place it in the window when the sun comes through (and try to remember to move it to a warmer spot when the sun sets, since it’s frigid here at night). 🥶

I sat by the window and watched the sprout, marvelling at the tiny hairs on its stalk; (arguably anthropomorphising) its happiness was almost palpable. While I can’t photosynthesize, the sunshine felt good to me, too.

I’ve been wondering when the seed (shell) would fall off…seems this one has a serious case of helmet head. I’ve been trying different methods to encourage the sprout to shed that casing, like moistening it gently with a wet cotton swab, but will intervene surgically (if needed) as a last resort.

Did you know that this premature sprouting phenomenon is called vivipary? Check out these strawberries!

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