In The Incubator: Pilgrim Goose Eggs – Update

Just a quick update on the goose egg incubation: they’re doing great!

At first candling (7 days – and I could hardly bear to wait that long to see what was going on in there!), 9 of the 10 eggs showed development!

There she is!

There’s the old adage about not “counting your chickens”…but I’m fervently hoping all nine make it to the finish line and emerge in early May! As an auto-sexing goose breed, it will be clear from their feather coloring what sex each gosling is – a huge bonus.

Why get geese for the homestead? They’re smart, alert animals that will sound off when something strange or threatening is in their territory; they lay huge, delicious eggs; they graze and eat weeds; people can’t resist goslings (and you know how much I love incubating!); and they’re simply fascinating creatures.

And – if you’re so inclined – you could have a truly memorable farm-to-table holiday goose meal. Honestly, I find them too charming to seriously contemplate eating any; here, they’ll be greeters, weeders, and breeders!

Stay tuned for additional progress updates!