Update: Growing Baby Mockingbirds

Look at all those feathers – now, they really do look like Mockingbirds!

Can you even believe that these are the same baby birds? I know that one day very soon, the nest will be empty because they will have fledged. We wish them the best in their journeys and hope they’ll come back to build their own nests next year.

Bonus update: there are baby barn swallows! They’re in the same nest as last year, and I saw at least three little heads up in the rafters. A parent sat on the fence that encloses the barn area, its tawny gold breast glinting in the sunshine, and just looked at us for a long moment, unafraid. Then, it chirped and flew away. Did it recognize us from last year? I sure hope so. Welcome back, barn swallows!

As we’ve mentioned before, our farm is chemical-free, and we leave wild-growing vegetation where possible. This provides shelter and food (like the various berries that appear on the multitudes of brambles), as well as nesting material (barn swallows swoop down and pick up chicken and duck feathers to add to their nests). Working with our land – rather than trying to fight it – has rewarded us with many useful plants, happy pollinators, healthy bug populations, and returning families of birds. We’re working toward regenerative farming practices, with the goal of leaving our land better than we found it.

Another update as of 18:17 on 6/26/19: the babies fledged! The nest is empty. Good job, Mom & Dad Mockingbird!

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