Update: Cheeky Chickweed Wine

Now that the chickweed wine‘s been bottled, a sampling is a must!

Jack Keller may advise aging for 1+ year before drinking (he says it becomes “remarkable” after a year and “even better” after two years), but it’s pretty drinkable at only a couple of months old. On the front end, I tasted green honeydew with a hint of a slightly sharp note (possibly orange oil – I’ve encountered the same flavor in orange wine) mellowing to honey on the finish. Very pleasant.

I think the rough edges of the citrus note may soften with time, so I’m going to leave the bottles for a few months and revisit them later. Let me just tell you, though, no one would guess that this pale gold elixir was made from humble chickweed.

The fuzzy leaves of Mouse-Ear Chickweed

Realistically, though, unless a bottle gets hidden somewhere, there’s no way this will last for two years. I know what I’ll be gathering chickweed for next year…cheers!