Offal, Not Awful: Rooster Fries

Recently, we processed a group of roosters and while it’s not something I look forward to, I am filled with gratitude for the delicious meat from our pastured, non-GMO fed birds. As an occasional meat eater, I believe that it behooves me to use as much of the bird as I reasonably can, especially the bits that are edible but deemed “weird” or “exotic” (maybe adjectives that could describe me, too). This time, I was determined to make something tasty and enjoyable from rooster testicles…in the air fryer!

Before you turn your nose up, why not eat rooster testicles? They have a delicate flavor and a texture somewhat reminiscent of custard. The reason most people don’t like them is because of what they are, not how they taste. And each rooster comes with a surprisingly large pair!

Preparation of the “fries” is simple: basically, dredge in flour, coat with egg wash, bread with panko crumbs, and fry. I used this recipe as the base, then baked in my air fryer at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes. They came out golden, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, looking a bit like popcorn shrimp. With some Frank’s Red Hot sauce and a side of rutabaga fries (also cooked in the air fryer), they made a satisfying meal.

And after!

While this may not be every reader’s cup of tea, I will continue working to find ways to utilize as much of a home-processed, truly farm-to-table chicken as I can, in the interests of frugality/sustainability and respect for the animal that I eat.

Interested in making these yourself? Find the base recipe here.