Around The Farm: Caught In A Storm (Or “A Free Shower”)

Let the good times roll! ⛈️ Sometimes, when you try to outmaneuver Mother Nature, you get smacked down. That’s what happened when we tried to get the morning chores done before a thunderstorm rolled in.

Weather forecasts these days are iffy at best, but we checked the weather app in the morning and realized that we might only have a brief window during which we might be able to get the chores done without getting soaked. In super speed mode, we got everything together and rushed out. Breakfast would have to wait.

That doesn’t look good…

Once we got outside, though, the dark bank of clouds over the ridge signaled that the storm was almost upon us. Yikes! We just needed a little more time…but time was not on our side.

Within minutes, the wind picked up, and thunder began rumbling in the distance. Almost upon us! Fortunately, we were able to get the tractors moved and the occupants (currently, juvenile chickens and goslings) fed before the skies let loose their fury, pummeling us with heavy rain and an accompanying display of lightning.

This doesn’t even do it justice, but you get the idea…soggy! Even dripped into our boots.

By the time we got to the barn, we were soaked. Thoroughly. Everything in the cart was wet, and we were dripping water, too. So what do you do when this happens? You just get the job done and look forward to being able to change into dry clothing when you’re all finished. And that’s what we did.

Thanks a lot, Mother Nature! The laugh’s on us, I guess. 😅